Why Downloads? Enjoy the benefits of "instant access" with our audio download programs. Why wait for CDs to be shipped when you can listen right now and pay no shipping charges?
Our downloadable products use high quality encoding, for superb sound reproduction. 100% of our titles are in MP3 (DRM-free) format, which will work on any device. Downloadable audio allows you:
Instant access - no waiting
No shipping charges
No customs or duty charges
Burn your own audio CDs
No subscription charges - you own it!
Listen while you work, exercise or relax
MP3 format- works on any device
New titles added weekly
Discount prices

How does it work? Once you place your order, you will be taken directly to the download page where you can download the programs that you purchased. Simply enter your username and password (from your email receipt) to access your files and permanently download them to your computer or device. You can:

  • Play the program an unlimited number of times on your computer, phone, or device
  • Burn audio CDs that you can play in your car, CD player, etc. You can also create backup data CDs to protect against loss
  • Transfer the files to your portable media devices (iPod, mp3 player, mobile phone, iPad, etc.)

Our titles are 100% MP3 (DRM-free) format, which will play on any device or computer, including both Windows or Mac computers, iPod, iPhone, iPad, MP3 player, Android phone, Blackberry, and any other device that accepts universal MP3 format.

Downloadable files are for your individual use only and you may not make illegal copies of or reproduce, distribute, publish, transmit, re-broadcast, or sell these files. Unauthorized use of these files constitutes copyright infringement.


The download process is fast and easy. Simply add the product or products that you want to purchase to your shopping cart. After you have completed your purchase, please follow these instructions:
  1. Download - After you purchase the download product, you will be taken directly to your receipt which includes all of the information you need to download your files. (This information will also be emailed to you so that you can access it anytime.) Click on the download button or link to instantly download your purchased program. (You will be promoted to enter a username and password which is supplied in your email reciept. All of the media files are grouped together in one zip file for easy data transfer.

  2. Extract - For some larger titles, the MP3 files have been zipped together into one download for convenience. If your titles are in a Zip file, you can easily unzip them using the instructions here.

  3. Enjoy - You can now play the files on your computer, burn audio CDs, or transfer the files to any portable device. Enjoy!

For detailed instructions and information, see our Download FAQ.

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