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The Goals Program - MP3 Download

by Zig Ziglar


In volume III of the How to Stay Motivated series, Zig focuses on goals. 97% of people do not have a goals program--fear, poor self-image, never being sold, and lack of know-how stand between most people and their goals. With characteristic stories, wit and enthusiasm, Zig sets the stage for successful goal-setting. He gives you concrete methodology to set any goal--and achieve it! You can overcome adversity and live your dreams. Download sessions one hour at a time for only $9.47
Audio (6 hours)
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Download the sessions one at a time
Goals Program:
Session 1 - Your Goals Program $9.87
Session 2 - The Specifics of Goal Setting $9.87
Session 3 - Reaching Your Goals $9.87
Session 4 - Motivation + Information = Inspiration $9.87
Session 5 - Foundation for Greatness $9.87
Session 6 - Overcoming Adversity $9.87
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