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Changing the Picture CD by Zig Ziglar
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Changing the Picture - MP3 Download

by Zig Ziglar


In volume II if the How to Stay Motivated series, Zig deals with the picture of yourself that we often call self-image and attitude. Discover eight powerful steps to building a good self-image; identify and correct self-image problems by confronting them; become a responder rather than a reactor; and learn life-changing attitudes to building good relationships. Simply change your picture and you change every facet of your life. Download sessions one hour at a time for only $9.47
Audio (6 hours)
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Download the sessions one at a time
Changing the Picture:
Session 1 - Winners Respond Not React $9.87
Session 2 - Image Problems $9.87
Session 3 - Steps To a Healthy Self-Image $9.87
Session 4 - Succeed In a Negative World $9.87
Session 5 - Common Sense Relationships $9.87
Session 6 - Winning Relationships $9.87
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